Our cooperations & certificates

The excellent quality of our products and their sustainable production is particularly important to us. That is why we have committed ourselves to making production and shipping as environmentally friendly as possible. We will continue to work on this in the future.

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1% for the Planet

The network is an international association of organizations and companies. They undertake to support environmental protection projects with one percent of their sales

slow food

We support the Slow Food initiative to ensure the future of our nutrition with enjoyment and responsibility. Here we are particularly committed to the preservation of old olive groves in Italy.

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The .eco domain is available for companies committed to a sustainable future and environmental protection.

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Sustainable packaging

We completely dispense with plastic in the shipping packaging and only use materials from renewable raw materials such as grass cardboard or wood shavings.

Organic farming

All the olives and grapes we use for our products come from organic farming. But not all are allowed to carry the official EU organic seal. We're still working on that. We want to support the companies in their certification process in the future.

Climate neutral shipping

All packages are sent CO2-neutral. The emissions caused by transport are offset by global climate protection projects.

This is particularly important to us

Sustainable Agriculture

As the basis for excellent extra virgin olive oil, only organically grown olives are processed for our oils without the use of pesticides. This is the only way to produce olive oil that is perfect in terms of taste and sensory properties.

Älterer Olivenbauer mit kariertem blauen Hemd bei der Olivenernte per Hand

Harvest by hand

When harvesting olives by hand, in contrast to harvesting with machines, the olives are not injured and the trees are spared. This extra effort is rewarded with an impeccable taste, since only undamaged olives are processed in the oil mill.

protection of songbirds

In the industrial production of olive oil, millions of songbirds are killed every year by harvesters. In contrast to mechanical harvesting, manual olive harvesting ensures that no songbirds or other living beings are harmed.