Condimento Balsamico Bianco 200ml

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Condimento Balsamico Bianco | White Balsamic Vinegar | From Modena | > Aged in stainless steel barrels for 2 years

Obtained from the Trebbiano-Modenese grape; 65% cooked grape must, 35% wine vinegar

Matured for at least 2 years in protected stainless steel barrels.

brilliant, light gold; low comfortable density

Fresh sweetness; slightly sour & mild taste

salads, raw or grilled vegetables, marinades,
fish and seafood

Energy: 711.2 kJ/167 kcal
Fats: <0.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids: <0. 1 g
carbohydrates: 36.9 g
of which sugar: 36.9 g
protein: 0.35 gSalt: 0.0036 g

No preservatives or flavorings.
Contains sulphites.
Best before: 04/2026

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Our producer

Acetaia Villa San Donnino

Vinegar vintner Davide Lonardi produces particularly aromatic balsamic vinegars in the Acetaia Villa San Donnino. The balsamic vinegar of Modena embodies important values ​​such as the management of the vines, the transmission of knowledge and the maintenance of traditions that have always characterized the Lonardi family and the culture of Modena.

Only the best grapes

For the production of our balsamic vinegars Bianco and Scuro only selected organically grown grapes are used.

The historic mansion

Traditional balsamic vinegar has been produced at Villa San Donnino near Modena for more than a century.

Further information

Villa San Donnino near Modena has been producing traditional balsamic vinegar for more than a century, the origins of which date back many years; However, it is difficult to give an exact date because there are only a few historical documents. There are many indications that in the seventeenth century, when the Dukes of Modena and Reggio introduced the product to the European aristocracy, production began in the Modena region.

The start of production at Villa San Donnino on the other hand, dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the family of the same name lived in the villa and, according to the Modenese custom, kept some barrels in the private vinegar cellar. When the San Donnino family left the property in 1947, Umberto Lonardi, Davide's grandfather, bought the villa and surprisingly found the barrels that had been abandoned shortly before. This accidental discovery was the trigger for the production of the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Created by passing on knowledge from father to son, attachment to tradition and passion for the precious "black gold". Davide and Cristina a very special vinegar winery.

Thats what our customers say

I'm really excited. The olive oil "FRUTTATO" is very tasty and a pleasure for every dish.


The fruity note of the "DELICATO" olive oil has become indispensable for me when cooking. In addition to the taste, the nature-protecting and sustainable cultivation of the olives convinced me!


I was looking for such an olive oil for a long time. The perfect addition to my vegetable pan à la ratatouille. Really great!