about us

about us

Christian & Marie

We founded amano to draw attention to the shortcomings in commercial olive oil production and to offer health-conscious connoisseurs a sustainable alternative to boring mass-produced goods from the supermarket.

our mission

With our commitment, we want to establish a new category of top olive oils that really deserve the designation extra virgin. By paying our olive farmers fairly, their livelihoods can be secured and the historic olive groves preserved.

1% for the Planet

We are members of the 1% for the Planet initiative and each year we donate one percent of our sales to the Slow Food initiative to preserve and protect ancient olive groves in Italy.

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Best quality from Italy, directly from the producer

All products are produced according to high ecological standards, securely packaged and then delivered directly to your home.

100 days enjoyment guarantee

We personally and our producers are 100% convinced of the top quality and the unique taste of the products. This is exactly why we offer all our customers a 100 day money back guarantee on all products. So during this time you have enough time to try your olive oil or balsamic vinegar with different dishes.

Thats what our customers say

I'm really excited. The olive oil "FRUTTATO" is very tasty and a pleasure for every dish.


The fruity note of the "DELICATO" olive oil has become indispensable for me when cooking. In addition to the taste, the nature-protecting and sustainable cultivation of the olives convinced me!


I was looking for such an olive oil for a long time. The perfect addition to my vegetable pan à la ratatouille. Really great!