So entsteht unser Aceto Balsamico di Modena

1. Harvest

Only grape varieties such as the white Trebbiano and Sauvignon or the red Lambrusco from the region may be used for the Aceto Balsamico di Modena. The grapes are harvested as late as possible.

Weiße Trebbiano und Sauvignon Traube, die für den weißen Balsamico verwendet wird.
Eine Person erntet die rote Lambrusco Traube.
Rote Lambrusco Traube wird gereinigt und von Blättern und Stielen befreit, bevor sie zu Most verarbeitet wird.
Weiße Trebiano Traube wird gereinigt und von Blättern und Stielen befreit, bevor sie zu Most verarbeitet wird.

2. Clean

Before the grapes are processed into must, they first have to be cleaned and freed from leaves and stalks.

3. Pressing

Then the grapes are pressed by gently pressing them. From 100kg of grapes you get about 50kg of fresh must.

Rote Trauben werden schonen gepresst.
Keltern der roten Trauben.
Frischer, roter Traubenmost.
Frischer Traubenmost wird über mehrere Stunden in Kupferkesseln bei etwa 90 Grad gekocht.

4. Boil down

Then the fresh grape must is boiled for several hours in copper cauldrons at around 90 degrees. This happens immediately after pressing, so that the must does not start to ferment.

5. Fill up

The cooked grape must is now filled into carboys or barrels and rests until next spring. It then moves into the so-called mother barrel before it matures further in a battery and develops its typical aromas.

Batteria verschiedener Größen in einem Raum, in der Balsamico reift.
Baterria mit dem Logo Villa San Donnino.

6. Decanting

A battery is a series of wooden barrels made of progressively smaller barrels of different woods. The choice of wood later influences the aroma and color of the balsamic vinegar.

7. Extract

Our balsamic vinegar is taken from the smallest barrel in the battery after 6 years. Only a maximum of 10% of the content is ever removed here in order to ensure a consistently high quality for the coming years.

Condimento Balsamico Scuro 200ml

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Condimento Balsamic Scuro | Dark Balsamic Vinegar | From Modena | Matured for 6 years in mulberry, cherry & oak barrels

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